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Pancha Tantra Kathaigal

Digital Format Available



Literary Arts


Students get to know what are Pancha Thantra stories and values taught through them. They learn to tell and dramatize stories.
1. Understanding elements of a story - Storytelling basics of choosing a story and coming up with an approach towards the story.
2. Understanding characterisation -Introduction to idiosyncrasies Using idiosyncrasies to form different characters found in the story -Characterisation and Method Acting to derive characters and to give impact to story.
3. Intonation and Colourful Reading -Putting impact to the fiction by reading aloud, choral reading -Introduction to Vocal Projection and exercises. -Vocal Projection Effective Use of Diaphragm
4.Final Presentation Applying all elements of Storytelling to final presentation.

Learning Objectives

Students appreciate Tamil Pancha Thantra stories -Introduce the oral tradition of story telling.
-Enjoy and enrich students through professional storytelling by trainers.
-To equip students with dramatic skills and understanding of characterization and script
- Oratorical and Verbal skills required for storytelling
- Individual understanding of storytelling
- Working together in small groups and understanding different team dynamics.



Spacious Classrooms, music room or dance studio / Online Platform

Target Audience

Pri - Lower / Pri - Upper


English / Tamil

No. of Instructors



3-4 Session(s)
1-1.5 hrs per Session

Class Size


Technical Requirements

Microphone / PA system / Visualizer / Computer, Projector and Internet Facility


Cost Per Student

$10 per Hour

Total Cost of Programme

$800 ( 20 students for 4 hours)

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