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National storytelling contest

for parent and child (Age 5-10 years)
To participate as a team

About the programme

MAGO is AKT Creations’ Tamil Storytelling Contest, organised annually for the last 12 years with the aim to engage children into Tamil storytelling. It is designed to make the children connect and get involved in the use of Tamil language by comprehending and participating in Tamil. Children are given free rein to use the gift of talking and expressing through the medium of storytelling, thus enhancing their capability in Tamil language vocabulary.


சின்னஞ்சிறு மாகோ 2024 is a combined contest for a parent and child (in the age group of 5-10 years) to join together as a team. The parent-child duos are invited to participate in the auditions, where in they upload their video of a short story in our portal. The videos will later be reviewed and the selected 20 pairs will be asked to participate for a storytelling workshop session where they will be guided about storytelling basics and related techniques. The workshop will help them to learn about story structuring and provide practical strategies to work on impromptu story creations. The workshop is designed to build curiosity and promote analytical thinking and open-mindedness. It also enhances focus, concentration, conversational skills and confidence. 

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Objectives of Programme

Our objective in conducting this storytelling competition is to motivate and initiate children to express in Tamil through the potent medium of storytelling.  Through Tamil Storytelling, the children are able to understand and cherish our culture, history & heritage. Stories with meaningful messages also inculcate qualities such as wisdom, courage and integrity in our participants and audiences.

Our objective in conducting MAGO storytelling competition is to empower primary school students to express in Tamil language and to enhance their ‘aatral’ or capability in the language. We want the children to realise that the love for Tamil language has no boundaries and they should learn to accept it as an identity and nurture it. To highlight this cause, we wanted their trusted partners, the parents, to join in with them and have fun in storytelling. This creates a good parent-child bonding as well.

Our workshop for the selected participants will enable them to understand the basics and techniques of good storytelling and accordingly promote the love for Tamil language through stories. Based on the insights and learnings acquired in this workshop, the participants would mould their stories focussing on the theme given. The overall objective thus being to bring out the storytelling capabilities of the participating children highlighted as a combined effort of the parent and the child.

Programme Details

National storytelling contest for parent and child (Age 5-10 years) to participate as a team

First round - video submission

submit 100 seconds storytelling video based on theme “ஆற்றல் (Capabilities)”

at by 24 march 2024 (5 pm)


Mandatory workshop

on 31 March 2024 for selected participants

Consecutive rounds

on 7 April 2024 (10 am to 1:30 pm)



Woodlands Regional Library (Auditorium)

Terms & Conditions


  1. Theme will be ‘ஆற்றல் (Capabilities)’.

  2. Either an adapted or original Tamil story can be presented by the participants for the first round.



  1. MAGO Title and Champion trophy will be awarded to winners in both categories.

  2. The results of the winners will be announced and they will be awarded on the actual day.



  1. This is a parent- child competition. The parent and child team (mother and child OR Father and child) will have equal share in delivering the story .

  2. There will be 2 categories in this competition.

  • Category A will be for kids from 5-7 years old.

  • Category B will be for kids from 8-10 years old.



  1. Participants can register through their schools or directly through AKT website.

  2. The registration will be on a first come first serve basis. Registration will close once it reaches maximum intake.



  1. The participants will need to present a story based on the theme (AATRAL) in Tamil within 100 seconds. Those who exceed the time limit will be penalized. Creative aspects such as songs, props, costumes can be used but these cannot be the dominant feature of the presentation . The focus is on the participants’ rendition of the story.

  2. During the online selection round, participants will have to submit their prepared stories. Videos sent should be in Landscape format.  When sending a video participants are not to read off a script , they are to internalize the story and deliver.

  3. Stories presented must not touch on sensitive issues such as race, religion, politics, personalities etc. Stories must be educational with moral values.

  4. Mandatory workshop for selected participants on 31st March 2024. Winners will qualify for the final round which will be held on 7th April 2024.

  5. In the final round, Parent and child will be given a scenario where they have to role play within 100 seconds

  6. Contestants need to bring their own writing materials (pen, writing pad etc).

  7. The organizers reserve the right to amend the rules and regulations of the competition without prior notice.

  8. The organizers hold the rights of the video coverage of the competition.

  9. All participants are to report to the venue at least 30 minutes before the CHINNANCHIRU MAGO Storytelling competition commences.

  10. Latecomers will not be entertained.

  11. All participants MUST be attired properly for their presentation.

  12. Participants should give approval to organisers for media and publicity purpose.

  13. All participants will receive a certificate on the final day. Kindly give proper name as in birth certificate for name to be printed on certificate.


The Judging Criteria are as follows:

Percentage Awarded

  • Content (Story / Characterisation/ Language/Creativity) - 40%

  • Delivery (Clarity/ Gestures) - 30%

  • Effectiveness (Stage Presence / Body Language, use of props/costume ) - 30%

​The decision of the judges will be final. No further correspondence will be entertained.



  1. The organisers will not be held responsible for any loss of property or injury that might arise during the competition.

Terms & Conditions

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