We offer programs which are both fun and educational that enthuse and inspire people, giving them skills which last for a lifetime. All our programs aim to build confidence and creativity through Arts & Entertainment.


     At AKT, the centre of learning is to discover, connect and craft patterns. Making unique connections is the core of creativity. Our programs expansively promote flexible thinking, executing self-control and learning through fun play. We place great importance in communicating with various perspectives. Our programs invoke, invite and embrace critical thinking. we encourage our participants to partake in the challenges our sessions offer. After all it is through lifelong learning that we realize our own potential.


  • Pongal Harvest Festival - Assembly Show (NAC-AEP Approved)*  

  • Deepavali in Animal Land (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Deepavali Assembly Show - Naragasuran (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Celebrations - Assembly Show (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • The Race - Assembly Show

*50% AEP discount available


  • Paraisai Traditional Drums (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Paavaiyin Paarvaiyil (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Radio Drama Workshop (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • The Living Heritage - Indian Heritage Centre (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Pancha Tantra Kathaigal (Pre School) (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Pancha Tantra Kathaigal (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Stage It! - Drama Workshop (Therukoothu) (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Villupattu - Creative Storytelling (NAC-AEP Approved)*

  • Karagattam – An Introduction to Heritage Dance

  • Story On Screen - Film & Multimedia

  • Kolattam Traditional Dance

  • Oyilattam Traditional Dance

*50% AEP discount available


  • Language & Craft workshop

  • Arts integrated Creative writing

  • Game show creations


  • Short film making
    Spicing up storytelling with technology

  • Storytelling/Story theatre
    Innovative and participatory workshop

  • Speech & Drama
    Interesting combination of art forms which entices lower primary


  • Cultural Camps

  • Language Camps

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