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About Us

At AKT Creations we offer programs which are both fun and educational that enthuse and inspire our performers, participants and audiences imparting and inspiring skills which last a lifetime.  Our programs are delivered by way of workshops, stage productions, video productions and lectures and aimed at building our participants' confidence and creativity through the performing Arts, speech & Drama & Entertainment. Aktion and Training are the two wings of AKT Creations. By infusing education with the arts and entertainment, we aspire to enhance the lives of audiences everywhere to bring out the best in them.


A World Class Entertainment Arts company for the region through Performance and Education.


Our mission is to be the world’s leading producer and provider of products and services, to instill skills and values in the young and the young at heart through stage performances, visual theatre, interactive arts and creative entertainment.

Our Philosophy

AKT operates on the philosophy that children are creative, competent and capable learners. We support their need for hands-on, interactive and meaningful activities. We advocate the importance of play-based learning- Or what we refer to as PURPOSEFUL PLAY!


At AKT, we aim to facilitate each child to learn best the rules of society through purposeful play moments; they are given opportunities to work out emotional issues as well as inspire and develop their creativity and imagination. During our purposeful play sessions, participants learn how to share, negotiate, cooperate collaborate by understanding how the other participants feel; they are inspired to formulate, test and revise theories about the world around them. Whilst they play, they are masters of their own world, they are in charge as they are able to dictate, circumvent and initiate changes to beat suit their circumstances.


We are committed to establishing strong connections between children, their peers and the world around them and dedicated in our own pursuit of arts-powered learning and inspired collaborative outcomes. At AKT, facilitators, adults and children are partners in creating meaningful curriculum acquisition, application and growth experiences.

Core Values


We are passionate about our craft and wish to share it with larger audiences.


We embrace creativity in all its forms and integrate the various mediums to press cogent, coherent, creativity-infused productions.


We strive for an exacting mix of heart and head fostering our own sense of purpose whilst establishing benchmarks of excellence.


We believe that the only path is one of openness, cooperation mad collaboration and hence are honest with how we carry out our purpose.

Our highlights

National Events
  • MAGO, National Tamil story telling competition (held Annually since 2015)

  • Partners of the Tamil Language Month Organised by the Tamil Language Council.

  • Partners of the Indian Cultural Fest Organised by the Indian Heritage Centre.

  • Partners of the Tamil Language Fest Organised by the Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre.

  • Partners of the SG50 project, "History of Singapore Tamil Theatre" an in depth look into Singapore's Tamil theatre history.

  • Live @ Indian Heritage Centre, Edutainment tour in English & Tamil.

  • Producers of online content on AKT WEB TV.

  • STAR workshop with MediaCorp’s Vasantham.

  • Over 300 hours of programming for MediaCorp for Asku Isku (a well-received infotainment programme)

  • Conducted Mother Tongue Camps in more them 200 primary and secondary schools.

  • Conducted Tamil Language based Workshops in Primary, Secondary and JC/MI.

  • Conducted Financial Literacy workshops for SAP students in English.

  • Conducted Assembly performances in English and Tamil.

  • Provision of Tamil teaching aids and materials.

  • Commissioned Oratorical videos for examination/educational purposes.

  • Produced Documentaries on Tamil Theater.

  • Singapore Little Treasure designed and delivered Preschool teachers Training Program with National Heritage Board

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