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The Race (Racial Harmony)


Programme ID


Programme Type


Student Profile

Primary Lower, Primary Middle, Primary Upper

Programme Format

On-site, Digital

Primary Art Form & Sub-Genre


General Drama skills/Acting

Secondary Art Form & Sub-Genre


Tamil, English

Recommended Size

100 - 1500


1 session(s)
0 hour(s) and 40 minute(s)


$1500.00 Per session
$1000.00 Per session


Programme Synopsis

The story of race happens among three animal friends represented by three traditional art forms of Chinese, Indian and Malay. The envious sly fox creates animosity and jealousy among the friends and get them to race each other to race to know the mightiest. During the race, one of the animal trips and the other sped to the injured to help. They realize that they had been manipulated. They become best friends again and chase away the fox. They realized united we stand; divided we fall.

Focus Areas

Appreciate Arts & Culture

Point of Emphasis

Not applicable

Lesson Goals

Lesson Goal #1

Importance of racial harmony will be emphasized.

Lesson Goal #2

Technical Requirements

Audio/Sound System, Microphone, Visualiser


Rani Kanna +65 90035332

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