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Programme Type


Student Profile

Primary Lower, Primary Middle, Primary Upper, SPED

Programme Format

On-site, Digital

Primary Art Form & Sub-Genre


Traditional Indian

Secondary Art Form & Sub-Genre


Tamil, English

Recommended Size

100 - 1500


1 session(s)
0 hour(s) and 40 minute(s)


$1500.00 Per session
$1000.00 Per session


Programme Synopsis

Every day is a reason to celebrate and every festival brings more reasons to celebrate family bonding and gratitude. As the festival of Deepavali approaches, the family looks back at past celebrations and miss a family member who is in overseas.

This story is about a family that thrives on happiness and togetherness. Asuran, as the name implies, is a demon who cannot bear to see anyone’s happiness. He is a killjoy, who wants to see only misery and sadness in everyone’s life. Seeing this family happy, he tries his best to spoil their cheerfulness and creates problems. But all his efforts go futile since the family is bent on overcoming all odds to be together, in spite of the limits and restraints imposed on them during the tough times.

A simple family drama, the story narrates some of the significance of the rituals followed during our festivals. It also sheds light on the multi-cultural society of Singapore. As a part of the rejoicing, Poikaal Kuthirai is performed, which is a highlight of our tradition and culture.

Focus Areas

Appreciate Arts & Culture

Point of Emphasis

Not applicable

Lesson Goals

Lesson Goal #1

Foster understanding of Indian Culture and Festival

Lesson Goal #2

Technical Requirements

Microphone, Visualiser, Audio/Sound System


Rani Kanna +65 90035332

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