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Bommai Koothu will be an interactive online series for preschool & lower primary students conducted using live puppets in stories. Children are very subtly and almost subconsciously taught the various necessary elements to be acquired at their level, namely literacy, social skills, etiquette, discovery, motor skills and aesthetics. Bommai Koothu will enhance the awareness and promote greater use of Tamil language among Indian Singaporeans , particularly among the pre-schoolers and lower primary students.

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Parai Isai online session is a vibrant means to promote the awareness and greater use of Tamil language among the Singapore youth. We believe that imparting of culture and heritage to our younger generation is vital in promoting the language. Percussions have always proven to be attractive for youth and the millennials are known to buy in to a concept more than a product. Thus we will employ the ancient and iconic Parai to attract the youth to connect with their mother tongue, Tamil.

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Vaasi Nesi is an innovative programme empowering children to overcome reading challenges in Tamil language. It is a creative reading project that is packaged as a read-along audio book with many characters delivering the story. Children love stories but feel let down when the language is too simple or too hard. To bridge this gap, we have implemented வாசி நேசி to make it a fun read-along story book with age-appropriate activity resources.

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