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Traditional Storytelling Contest and Workshop

About the Programme:

AKT Creation’s primary objective is to promote the love and zeal for Tamil language among the present-day youth and Tamil-speaking communities. We are glad to be a part of the Tamil Youth Festival 2023 to play a part in broadening the language proficiency amongst the youngsters and help them to realize and delight in the joy of learning Tamil.

We intend to organize a Workshop cum Storytelling Competition to motivate children to express in Tamil language and thereby enhance their conversational skills and confidence.  In addition, the children will also get a hands-on learning experience in Villupaatu and get a good understanding through our exclusive workshop training. The competition is designed to build their curiosity and promote analytical thinking, with the mentors guiding them on storytelling nuances and Tamil diction.

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Objectives of Programme:

We aim to effectively pervade Tamil language amongst the community and the generations at large through various such events and activities.

The objective of this program is to endorse Tamil through arts and storytelling and mark its presence as a vibrant language. AKT will be organizing this creative arts-integrated storytelling contest to strike a chord with the youngsters to broaden their perception and appreciation of Tamil language.

Children will get a hands-on experience on storytelling and language appreciation through this event. Our exclusive workshop will train them in Villupaatu as well as in Tamil vocabulary and pronunciation of words.


Our objectives through this program are to:

  • Encourage fluency and good command over Tamil language

  • Bring awareness of the culture, heritage and history of the Indian community in Singapore

  • Increasing the theatre interest for our young audience by employing the Musical Theatre format of Villupaatu


Children get to explore and familiarize themselves with Tamil language. Communication skills get strengthened and interactive discussions help in overcoming their inhibitions

About Villupaatu:

AKT Creations look upon arts and storytelling as a way to preserve our history and culture. We believe that performance learning will create a deeper understanding and appreciation of our language and culture among the community level. Thereby, we want to provide a rich and satisfying experience to the participants as well as the audience.

In our workshop, we will be introducing the students to the traditional Villupaatu. They will be able to learn and appreciate the traditional art form together with learning of Tamil language. With active participation from students, interactive moments, and discussion of songs that trigger their thinking, the children will be in touch with traditional arts and acquire an ease in communicating ideas.


We believe that storytelling promotes appreciation and love for Tamil language and this has been proved right in our earlier events as well. Our objective is to promote the use of Tamil language among the young students through storytelling and interactive activities.  


Getting involved in storytelling generates familiarity and awareness that using Tamil in everyday life is not a challenging task.  Participants would get a deeper understanding of Tamil language and gain confidence to converse in Tamil with ease. Discussions, brainstorming and casual conversations with fellow participants and organizers lead to learning of new Tamil words.


In addition to the learning of language, it is also essential to be in touch with the timeless traditions of ageless music and marabhu forms.


Villupaatu is an ancient Indian form of musical story-telling, where narration is interspersed with music. It has been a popular form of folk music in Tamil Nadu since the 15th century. The Villu, or a bow, is used as a primary musical instrument here.


We hope to take Villupaatu to our future generations so that the children are aware of the source and roots of our varied traditional art forms. It will be introduced to the children in a fun way which is enticing and memorable. This, we are sure, would kindle an understanding and appreciation of a renewed art form, thereby seeking the need for a revival of these dying art forms.


Students will learn elements of Villupaatu such as story creation, infusion of appropriate songs and rewriting lyrics according to the story. The learning here will be demonstrated by them in the final round of competition to be held on September 10.

Program Details:

Age Group: For upper primary & secondary school Students

Competition Details:
Submit your story and register a team of 6 members by 1 September 2023 (11:59 pm)

Mandatory workshop on 3 September 2023 (2 pm to 5.30 pm) for Shortlisted teams

Training and guidance will be provided for your villupaatu performance during the mandatory workshop.

Finals on 10 September 2023 (3 pm to 6 pm)

Venue: Woodlands Regional Library

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Team of 6 Members is mandatory.

  2. Stories with politics, sexual and religious elements are to be avoided.

  3. Either an adapted or original Tamil story can be presented by the participant.

  4. The results of the winners will be announced and they will be awarded on the actual day.

  5. The school may send only students from upper primary and secondary to represent the school.

  6. The registration will be on a first come first serve basis. Registration will close once it reaches maximum intake.

  7. Registration: Submit your story and register a team of 6 members by 1 September 2023 (11:59 pm)

  8. Mandatory workshop on 3 September 2023 for Shortlisted teams

  9. Training and guidance will be provided for your villupaatu performance during the mandatory workshop.

  10. (if you miss this workshop you will not be able to participate in the finals)

  11. Contestants need to bring their own writing materials (pen, writing pad etc).

  12. The organizers reserve the right to amend the rules and regulations of the competition without prior notice.

  13. The organizers hold the rights of the video coverage of the competition.

  14. All participants are to report to the venue at 3pm at the stipulated venue.

  15. Latecomers will not be entertained.

  16. All school students are encouraged to be accompanied by the teacher, parent, or guardian.

  17. All participants will be in school uniforms in both workshops and finals.

Judging Criteria
The Judging Criteria are as follows: Percentage Awarded

  1. Content - 40%

  2. Presentation - 30%

  3. Effectiveness - 30%

The decision of the judges will be final. No further correspondence will be entertained.
  The organizers will not be held responsible for any loss of property or injury that might arise during the competition.

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