• Diploma in Education (1998-2000) NIE.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Tamil (2003-2006) India.

  • Masters of Arts, Applied Linguistics (2006 – 2008) India.

  • Arts Integration by Kennedy Learning centre and SDEA.

  • Koothu workshop by Kattai Koothu Sangam, India.

  • Mind in the making by Bezos foundation and NHB.

  • Essentials of Teaching and Learning Pedagogy for art education by NAC and NIE.

  • Socio Drama by Psychodrama Singapore.

  • Masterclass: Creating Atmosphere of Possibility by SDEA.

  • People Association Certified Instructor.

  • AEP National Arts Council Trainer.

  • Villupattu by DeVriksha, India.

  • Teaching the Arts in an Early Childhood Environment by NAC- Seed Institute.


  • MTL Teacher, CHIJ  Toa Payoh (2000 – 2003).

  • Directed Chikkumangu 2015

  • Resident actor, AK theatre Limited.

  • Founder Director , AKT Creations.

  • Directed Jing Jak 2014 (musical for preschoolers).

  • Professional Storyteller, Jeeva Raghunath pupilage.


  • Villu paatu artist , Pandit Raju Kancheepuram pupilage.

  • Director of play for children.

  • Organiser of literary events.

  • Research writer  on Indian tradition and language.

  • Actor and host on television and stage since 1997.

  • Voice over talent for Disney cartoons in Tamil.


Rani Kanna is an innovative storyteller who believes that the most powerful way to engage a mind and soul is through stories.


Rani's narrations are detailed with music, actions, voices and full of Life. She became the characters from the stories and interacts with the crowd and keeps them in rapt attention. Her favourite quote, 'There isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story'.

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