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Paraisai Traditional Drums


Programme ID


Programme Type


Student Profile

Primary Lower, Primary Middle, Primary Upper, Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE

Programme Format

On-site, Digital, Blended (mix of on-site and digital)

Primary Art Form & Sub-Genre


Percussion, Traditional Indian

Secondary Art Form & Sub-Genre


Traditional Indian


Tamil, English

Recommended Size

20 - 40


2 session(s)
3 hour(s) and 0 minute(s)


$35.00 Per student


Programme Synopsis

Pupils brainstorm on indian musical instruments. Facilitator elicits responses from students on their knowledge of indian percussion instruments and their origin.
Facilitator then introduces the Parai.
The parai is one of the oldest drums used in India, especially in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.It is known as the mother of indian drums It is considered as one of the symbols of Tamil culture. In ancient days, this instrument was used as a communication mechanism to convey messages to people and alert against danger.Facilitator talks about materials used in making the Parai and its maintenance.

This programme is now adapted to:
1. Allow students to view the selected programme through Zoom synchronously.
2. Allow students to view recorded videos and live demonstrations.
Note: Instruments will be delivered to schools and resources (PPT slides) will be provided.

Focus Areas

Appreciate Arts & Culture, Acquire Skills and Knowledge, Articulate Thoughts and Ideas

Point of Emphasis

Arts in Society

Lesson Goals

Lesson Goal #1

To appreciate the traditional drum Parai’s basic beats and presenting a short performance.

Lesson Goal #2

Technical Requirements

Audio/Sound System, Microphone, Visualiser


Rani Kanna +65 90035332

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