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Deepavali Assembly Show - Naragasuran

Digital Format Available





The assembly show starts with the narrator talking about Deepavali and how it is now celebrated along with a short quiz.
The characters involved in the story will be explained. Thereafter the story begins with the journey of Naragasuran's atrocities. He finally learns the importance of being loved and request people to celebrate his demise. The story displays how Naragasuran went through penance (dhavam) and got a boom that he cannot be destroyed by anyone other than his mother (Bhama). The story unveils with the introduction of Krishna and Radha. Following that, the story continues with how Krishna gets Bhama to put an end to Naragasuran’s evil deeds. very interactive and with the use of modern technology ( like selfies) to amuse the students and inject a sense of humor so that the children get more involved in the show.

Learning Objectives

Understanding the story behind the Hindu festival Deepavali.
Getting to know how its celebrated here in Singapore. Appreciating Indian Culture.



School Hall / Online Platform

Target Audience

Pri - Lower / Pri - Upper / Sec - Lower / Sec - Upper / JC/CI / ITE / Special Education School


English / Tamil


45 Mins / 30 Mins

Technical Requirements

DVD player / Microphone / PA system / Computer, Projector and Internet Facility

No. of Presenters/ Performers



Total Cost of Programme

$1500 (Live Show - 45 mins)
$1000 (Online Show - 30 mins)

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