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The Light within - Deepavali


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Programme Type


Student Profile

Primary Lower, Primary Middle, Primary Upper, SPED

Programme Format

On-site, Digital

Primary Art Form & Sub-Genre


Traditional Indian

Secondary Art Form & Sub-Genre


Tamil, English

Recommended Size

100 - 1500


1 session(s)
0 hour(s) and 45 minute(s)


$1000.00 Per session
$1500.00 Per session


Programme Synopsis

When we celebrate a festival, we need to know the significance behind its celebration. All our festivals have a moral for the children to know, understand and follow.

This story is about Deepavali, the festival of lights. Here, we highlight about how one should not be judgemental, but should go by kind deeds and caring hearts.

The story happens in a village where there a few villagers who go about doing their own chores. An odd-looking man, comes to stay in the village. The villagers don’t accept him as one of them and keep shooing him away. The man is poor, but is ready to share his garden produce and lovely lamps with the villagers, who refuse it bluntly. One of the village girl feels sad for the lonely man and befriends him. He talks to her about Deepavali and significance of ‘good over evil’. The girl realizes that the villagers have darkness in their hearts and she plans to show them the good nature of the man. Will the man be accepted? Let’s see what happens?

Focus Areas

Appreciate Arts & Culture

Point of Emphasis

Not applicable

Lesson Goals

Lesson Goal #1

Pupils will appreciate Indian culture and traditional art forms in a drama.

Lesson Goal #2

Technical Requirements

Audio/Sound System, Microphone, Visualiser


Rani Kanna +65 90035332

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