The Devised Drama Competition serves as a platform for students and teachers to promote and demonstrate creative ideas in their work. Drama motivates students to use Tamil and therefore improves their command of the language. Each team will be given 2 words and a prop to be used in their presentation. The team has to discuss and deliver a story within 5 minutes. 


It is hoped that drama can also instill values amongst students to be more sensitive and appreciative towards local arts.



  • To support the nation’s efforts to encourage the use of the Tamil language amongst students.

  • To encourage students to appreciate drama as it promotes integration and inculcates moral values.

  • To provide the opportunity for students and teachers to show their talents and creativity in the art of dramatisation; the usage of Tamil which incorporates script writing, directing and stage management.


Competition Rules 

  • This competition is open to all students taking Tamil as their MT in Primary level

  • Each team comprises a maximum of 4 participants (including the technical crew)

  • It is encouraged that the majority of the team members act and speak. This will work in favor of the team.

    • Performance should be confined to the stage only.

    • All team members must be from the same school. 

    • The duration of performance is limited to 5 minutes. 

  • The selection of theme is open but should not include religion and politics.

  • Participating teams are encouraged to discuss their story for 5 mins and present their stories. 

  • Judging is based on these criteria:-

    • Creativity of Drama                        35 %

    • Language                                    30 %

    • Overall Coordination & Performance   25 %

    • Positive Values / Message(s)              10 %

  • Teams which do not abide by the rules will be penalized.

  • The Venue is not wheel chair assessable. we are sorry wheelchair bound students cannot take part in the competition. 





  • It is compulsory to use Tamil language throughout the drama performance. 

  • Use of vulgar words and gestures and gruesome scenes are strictly prohibited.

  • Scripts must not touch on sensitive issues for instance, race, religion, politics, etc. 



  • Themes reflecting positive messages and values should be predominant in the drama.



  • Participants are not expected to use costumes for the presentation.  


Set and Props

  • The use of sets and props should be minimised or absent. 


  • Participants should not portray indecent actions or excessive movements that are provocative.

  • The presentation should take into account the comfort and safety of the audience and actors.


Duration of Time

  • Time allocated for each presentation is 7 minutes. 

  • Each team is given 5 minutes for discussion.



  • There will be a panel of three judges.

  • Points will be awarded according to the scoresheet.

  • The team with the majority of votes will be declared the winner.

  • Individual team marks will not be disclosed. 

  • The decision of the judges is final. 


Prizes are awarded as follows: -    

  • Champion team 

  • Second Prize winner team 

  • Third Prize winner team 

  • Plaques and certificates of achievement will be awarded to the winning teams. Certificates of participation will be awarded to all participating teams.                  

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