MAGO 2020

வீர சவால் 

(DAY - 1)


Max File Size 50MB

The button will be active from 4.45 pm (SGT)

Welcome to the Tamil Gaming Workshop Day One. 

Following are the requirements to take part in the workshop:

  1. Do understand that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

  2. You will need a smartphone or laptop or desktop with working condition microphone and speakers (or headsets)

  3. You should be able to participate with ONE device but using two devices is also possible. 

  4. You will be required to go to our portal ( to begin the session 

  5. The required apps will be
    a.    In-built Camera on your device (smartphone/laptop/desktop) to take pics and videos
    b.    Whatsapp 
    c.    Zoom 

  6. You are required to bring the following for the respective days

  • Facebook - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle
  • YouTube - White Circle
  • Instagram - White Circle

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