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What is Anandha Koothu?
  • Anandha Koothu is a unique internationally accredited course to provide professional training in traditional art forms.

  • A first-of-the kind enrichment program, it is a result of 16 years of active research, training and curriculum design.

  • Traditional Musical Theatre is a unique genre, providing an aesthetic experience and students are immersed in multi-arts training from the very start of their program.

  • Anandha Koothu is about “Learning in and through Arts”, with emphasis on:

    • Marabhu Nadanam - Oyilattam, Kummi, Kaliyal, Parai Isai Nadanam, Poi Kaal Kuthirai, Koothu, Mayilattam, Silambattam and Karagam

    • Marabhu Padalgal -  Thalaatu, Vidukadhai Paatu, Kadhai Paatu, Thozhil Paatu, Konnakol and Villu Paatu

  • We empower our students and use traditional arts to achieve our objective. The methodology of teaching is from the Ancient Indian philosophy.

Who can do Anandha Koothu?
  • Anandha Koothu is customized for all age groups.

  • Our age-appropriate art classes are designed to accommodate beginners, students, teachers and trained artists.

  • We have a sequence of spin-offs that corresponds to educationalists, arts enthusiasts, young students and the inquisitive adults, looking to upgrade their skills in search of their personal, social & cultural identity.

Why choose Anandha Koothu?
  • To understand and imbibe the culture, heritage and traditional arts that are fast-fading

  • To strengthen one’s linguistic skills and cognitive development

  • To build core theatre skills in movement, voice and character as development in theatre training

  • To stimulate the inherent natural wonder, curiosity and imagination 

  • To enhance one’s spontaneity, confidence and concentration levels

Concept behind Anandha Koothu
  • AKT Creations is the only institution world-wide offering a course on learning such age-bound Indian traditions by providing practical coaching on the art forms.

  • A quality arts program, it goes beyond classroom learning into a journey of self-expression and self-learning.

  • We have worked with traditional artists who have been practicing for many generations, and Tamil scholars of folklore art forms to collate information and make traditional arts education available to all.

  • Anandha Koothu is a good place to start the creative journey, allowing the development of identity as independent creative beings.

Overview and Course syllabus
  • Theatre skills are deepened through story building, art forms, character creation and creative performance techniques. 

  • Students will be encouraged to express their unique ideas in new ways. Using the skills they have learnt, students collaborate to create their own play and perform

For more details, click here (link takes them to the earlier IMT info page in our website)

  • We provide a complete guided arts experience with our International team of qualified and trained certified experts.

  • We follow a prescribed course curriculum that has been developed over a period of 16 years with 70 artists, trainers and tutors’ inputs.

  • The program will be conducted with video guidance, relevant first-hand practical experiences and ample teaching resources to impact critical thinking. 

  • When it comes to long-distance learning, we train facilitators who have access to our resources such as videos and masterclasses that aid them to run the sessions.  There will also be skype video calls during the classes.

  • With practical guidance from expert trainers on innovative performance skills, we provide better exposure to students to stimulate their love of language and theatre.

  • While we give importance to performances, interesting scripts, proficiency skills, voice characterizations and stage performances, the main focus is in bringing out the innate ability of a child to communicate their self-created stories and to steer in him/her the thought process of being a creator cum performer.

Franchise program 
  • Anandha Koothu is the first-of-its kind to impart practical coaching on traditional arts and we are aiming to expand this as a business model across the world.

  • We aim to conduct this certification program for the benefit of the students spread over Singapore, Malaysia, USA and India.

  • Anandha Koothu is not a confined view of the theatrical workings. We delve in depth on interest-specific wide range of art forms such as Parai Isai, Oyil, Koothu, Karagam, etc…ranging up to 15-20 different art forms.

  • Completing the program will provide a strong foothold for stage performances in the future, thus enabling a wider prospect for the students.

  • We provide an affable, stimulating and challenging environment complete with a wide variety of performance activities and materials.

  • Our course content, delivery and development process are at par with International standards.

  • We hope to spread awareness of our rich cultural history and tradition through this affiliate program for the younger generations of today, spread all over the world.

Why franchise with us? 
  • Like you, we want to see the students get the best out of their skills and spark up their artistic talents.

  • We share with you our interest to help create innovative professionals out of young students and to develop in them the practical skills that nurture their passion. 

  • We want them to celebrate the living traditions of Indian culture and our rich musical heritage.We want the present-day generation to be aware of the nuances of cultural diversity of our yester-years. We aim for a steady and strategic growth by reinforcing our rich traditional arts and cultural values to the new generation.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement to make this theatrical journey ahead a successful one.

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