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Musical Theatre is becoming one of the fastest areas of interest within the dramatic arts. Our comprehensive International Graded Program on Anandha Koothu (Indian Musical Theatre) supports development in theatre training and is designed as a perfect opportunity for young learners to accentuate their art and musical theatre skills. Also, it is a right platform for the aspiring adults to gain a strong foothold in the field.


Anandha Koothu is an internationally accredited and comprehensive art-enrichment program, officially recognized by the prestigious University of West London (UWL), and is a certification course on integrated arts learning.

The first-of-its-kind in celebrating traditions, this program provide professional training in traditional art forms by a team of certified scholars, and is available in both Tamil and English languages.


In our extensive years of stage plays, performances and theatre-related workshops, we have come across many people holding great interest in stage plays and musical theatre, but are apprehensive of the performance skills necessary to communicate the essence of a character. Anandha Koothu is a call to such prospective students/adults who wish to develop their skills in performance training to further enable entry into the professional world of theatrics.

The foundation period aims to develop specific individual skills and will concentrate on the individual and so give a wide variety of opportunities to discover the important elements of the industry.


A collaborative MoU has been signed with the prestigious Thiruvalluvar University to provide better exposure to students and to stimulate their love of language and theatre.


We carry specialised endorsement and recognition from the University of West London for this course and certificates will be provided from the University on successful completion of the course.


One may wonder why take up this course, when there are many other options available. The truth is that Arts provide a transformational experience and makes one a complete and well-balanced individual. Learning arts brings into us the qualities of compassion, self-discipline, team work, perseverance, confidence and decision-making. It undeniably plays a crucial role in academic improvement as well.


It has been researched and proven that the EQ (emotional quotient) of a person plays a greater role in his/her complete growth rather than just the IQ (intelligence quotient), as it is linked to performance. EQ plays an important factor in the use of feelings that can help us motivate, plan and achieve things in life. Unfortunately, most parents are still unaware of the importance Emotional Intelligence play in the development of their child’s personality.


We urge the parents to strive for a balanced IQ and EQ to bring out their child’s effective personality. How? Nurture your child with the right activities. Mere technical and bookish knowledge will not make them socially responsible and motivated individuals.


Studies reveal the power of art to inspire, motivate and educate today’s students. Such is the power of Arts, and we have strived to bring this as a complete package through our module of Anandha Koothu.


Allow your child a therapeutic experience through our art-enrichment program. And eventually reach to the fullest of their potential to create their own story.


Children aged 7 and above are eligible to join the program. The course is customized as per age groups.

No age limit for adults. However, the selection procedure will be exclusively based on auditions.   


The program module will be divided into a total of 8 Grades of 26 sessions each. 

Basic levels (Grade 1 to 3)
Intermediate levels (Grade 4 to 5)
Advance levels (Grade 6 to 8)


We provide an affordable and competitive fee structure. Fees can also be paid in flexible and easy pay schemes.
For fee details and enquiry, call us at +6584846486


AKT@Tekka, 29A, Campbell Lane, #03-00, Singapore 209901


Students will be assessed based on 80% practical presentations and 20% on theory. Students need to demonstrate their ability in skills through integrative performances. 


Certificates will be duly awarded upon successful completion of each grade level.


Mail us:

Call us: +65 84846486 / 90035490


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